Irrigation Clocks

Pipeline Irrigation repairs, replaces, and services all brands of Irrigation Controllers, Sprinkler Clocks, and electrical service in between. These control panels for your sprinkler system are the “brains” of the entire system. They act as the signal and time clock to active your various sprinkler zones. They keep the zone valves open and operating by holding resistance on the valve’s solenoid. This keeps the valve open and allows the water to flow out to the sprinkler heads.

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Many times Irrigation Clocks will malfunction causing zones to come on and run at the wrong time. Or, a bad clock can fail and not run important irrigation zones like flowers or grass. Irrigation control panels are also quite susceptible to lightning strikes and power surges.

Sprinkler Clocks get old and over time may begin to malfunction, losing their time, run, and start settings. If you suspect that your clock is malfunctioning it may be time to consider a new irrigation clock replacement.

Pipeline Irrigation Services the following Irrigation Controllers:

Rainbird Sprinkler Controllers
Hunter Irrigation Clocks
Orbit Sprinkler Controllers
KRain Irrigation Clocks
Rain Machine Controllers


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