Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

PIPELINE Irrigation sells and services the new Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller. This exciting new controller has the capability to adjust the watering times and duration of your irrigation system based on local weather data. Now manage your irrigation system through your smartphone or tablet using the Hydrawise Irrigation App. We offer installation and service […]

Spring 2021

Happy Spring 2021! Now is a great time to get your irrigation system inspected and adjusted for Spring. Sprinkler repairs that are needed can be completed before the warm Spring temperatures are upon us. Call our shop to schedule your irrigation inspection at: 321-236-8090

Sprinkler Controller Settings

Happy late Summer 2020 to everyone. If you’ve been getting excessive rain at your home or property, now is a good time to inspect your irrigation controller or clock. We recommend checking all irrigation clocks for proper run and start times. It’s also good to inspect the days on and off as well as the […]