Sprinkler Basics

This is our page that covers Sprinkler Basics and Irrigation Basics.  Consider it PIPELINE Irrigation‘s “Irrigation 101”.  The following is a basic list of terms that are used in the Sprinkler and Irrigation industry. Read on to find out more about Sprinkler Basics.


Also known as the “clock”, this electronic device controls the time, day, and duration that each sprinkler zone runs. It is typically powered by 110v and can be plugged in or hard wired to your electrical panel.

Spray Head

A sprinkler that provide a “spray” pattern, also known as a pop up head. Spray heads are typically used to provide irrigation coverage to small turf areas and bed or plantings. Spray heads are available from 3″ to 12″ height depending upon application.

Rotor Head

A sprinkler head that rotates and is used for large open turf areas. Rotor spray patterns are adjustable based on the turf area to be covered.


Sprinkler heads contain nozzle which are the plastic pieces that provide the various spray patterns and shapes. Nozzles are rated by pattern and GPM or gallons per minute.

Shrub Stand Pipe

Shrub Stand Pipe heads are situated on PVC stand pipes and do not turn or rotate. They are non moving bodies that have nozzles in them and are typically used behind large shrub areas to achieve coverage.

Irrigation Valve

An irrigation valve is a hydraulic device that shuts the water on and off to the zone heads. It contains a diaphragm, spring, and other components that work in unison to control the water for a specific zone. An irrigation valve also has an electronic solenoid which receives a signal from the clock to control the diaphragm at specific time.


An electronic device attached or fitted into an irrigation valve. Typically 24 volts, a solenoid receives the control signal from the clock and actuates or turns on the irrigation valve and holds it on. It also shuts an irrigation valve off at a predetermined time as well.

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