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A Sprinkler Rain Sensor or Sensor Water Sprinkler is a mechanical device that will shut an irrigation system off temporarily when local rainfall is excessive. This saves the irrigation system from running when natural rainfall is occurring. At PIPELINE Irrigation we sell and service all Sprinkler Rain Sensors for all Irrigation Clocks. Most municipalities now require every irrigation system to have a Sprinkler Rain Sensor attached and working at all times.  This is especially important when using metered or a municipal water supply.  A Sensor Water Sprinkler is simply a Sensor for your Water Sprinkler System.  A plastic and metal device that collects natural rainfall levels is mounted on the exterior of your home or building.  Two low voltage wires run from the Sprinkler Rain Sensor down the wall and connect into the Irrigation Clock or Controller.  The Sensor sends signals to the clock informing it as to how much rainfall has occurred and shuts the controller off until the Sprinkler Rain Sensor “senses” otherwise.

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Over time, older Sprinkler Rain Sensors start failing from exposure to the weather and elements. And a stuck or broken rain sensor can cause your water bill to go up each month. Because, it doesn’t shut off the system when it’s raining. So if your water source for your irrigation system is metered, your bill will go up even when it’s raining. At PIPELINE Irrigation we have the ability to test all Sensor Water Sprinkler for proper operation.
Don’t let a bad Sprinkler Rain Sensor create irrigation issues at your home.

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