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PIPELINE Irrigation provides sprinkler system repair throughout Orlando and all of Central Florida. We service, repair, and replace all brands of sprinkler heads including, Hunter, Rainbird, Irritrol, Toro, KRain, and many others.  Irrigation System Repair is our speciality.

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Step 1

With sprinkler system repair, we first look at why a sprinkler head is broken, leaking, or needs replaced. Perhaps it was damaged by a car or lawn equipment. Is it sitting too high or too close to a driveway allowing it to get damaged? Many times a sprinkler head is just worn out and stops working and subsequently begins leaking.

Step 2

PIPELINE Irrigation repairs sprinkler heads by excavating and replacing the defective sprinkler with the same or better quality sprinkler head. While it’s excavated we inspect the PVC fittings, elbows, and piping the supply water to the sprinkler. We make sure the sprinkler fittings are not broken cracked or worn and contributing to the sprinkler head issues.

Step 3

We include new nozzles with every new sprinkler replacement to insure the best possible coverage is achieved. Many times a new sprinkler has to be raised to the proper level of the lawn or planting bed it is located in. We make sure each head is spraying, full throttle, as the manufacturer intended with each service repair.

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